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The Oklahoma City Area’s Go-To Provider of Emergency Restoration Services

Founded in 2017 by industry experts Dustin Henry and Jeff Scott, Texola Inc has quickly become a leader among restoration companies in the Oklahoma City metro area. As a local provider of insurance repair services, we understand the needs of homeowners and business owners in the area and help remove the stress from the complex insurance claims and restoration processes. By taking complete ownership of mitigation and restoration projects, Texola Inc not only repairs physical structures, but also helps rebuild lives disrupted by unexpected disasters.

Texola Mission Statement

At Texola Inc., we understand the stress and disruption an insurance claim can cause. That's why we're dedicated to being your steadfast partner throughout the entire process, from the initial emergency to restoring your life back to normal.

Our Core Values

We deliver on our promises and follow through on our commitments, ensuring our clients can rely on us.

We treat our clients with respect and empathy, understanding their needs and concerns.

We provide clear and concise information, empowering our clients to make informed decisions.

Why Choose Texola Inc?

It’s easy to see what sets Texola Inc apart from other insurance restoration companies in the region. We strive to make the insurance restoration process easy for our customers and deliver results that exceed expectations.

Total Ownership

At Texola Inc, we take full responsibility for your project, managing every detail from initial assessment to the final restoration touch.

Insurance Expertise

Our strong partnerships with insurance carriers ensure a streamlined claims process, quickly and efficiently getting you the coverage you need.

Comprehensive Restorations

We can take on restoration projects of nearly any size and scope, from simple roof repair projects to major restorations for home and business exteriors and interiors.

Superior Workmanship

Texola Inc prides itself on delivering exceptional quality, using only the best materials and providing meticulous restorations to achieve lasting results.

From Beginning to End,
Texola Inc Has You Covered

Complete Insurance Mitigation and Repair Services

As a preferred vendor for 17 different insurance carriers, our partnerships reflect the trust we've built within the industry. These relationships enable us to streamline the insurance repair process, making it smoother for our clients.

Our expertise covers a wide spectrum of property damage, including those caused by storms, fire, water, and mold. So, whether you need repair services for your home’s roof or comprehensive exterior and interior restoration for your commercial facility, we have you covered.

Superior Insurance Mitigation and Repair Services

Unlike many restoration companies, Texola Inc takes total ownership of each project from start to finish, meticulously managing every step. This includes initial assessment, pack out, dry out, tear out, comprehensive insurance claims assistance, and full-service restoration to return your property to its pre-loss condition.

Efficiency is key in our process. We strive to make the restoration experience as stress-free as possible for our clients. With Texola Inc, you can trust that you are receiving comprehensive and caring insurance repair services, guiding you smoothly from emergency response to full restoration.

The Story of Texola Inc’s Founding

The Indiana sun rose on the snow-covered job site, shimmering off the half-finished apartment complex where Jeff, a seasoned construction manager, was wrangling a team of subcontractors. Amidst the clamor of hammering and sawing, he noticed that the siding was buckling on a building and was installed incorrectly. He immediately fired the crew, and a call was made back home to Oklahoma to Dustin, a man with a confident smile and a reputation as the "siding guy."

Over breakfast, a world of possibilities unfolded. They spoke of more than just siding, of shared dreams of building something bigger, something with heart. Jeff, the seasoned veteran, saw Dustin's spark, his eagerness to innovate, and his relentless work ethic. Dustin, in turn, admired Jeff's wisdom, his ability to navigate the complexities of the industry, and his unwavering dedication to quality.

Their breakfast conversations sparked a flame. They continued to run their own companies, but the seed of Texola was planted. Late nights were spent brainstorming, sketching out plans on notepads and over text, and dreaming of a future where quality met innovation, where clients became partners, and where integrity was the bedrock.

In 2017, the seed sprouted. Texola Inc. wasn't just a company; it was a testament to their unlikely friendship and a beacon of their shared values. April 2019 marked the official launch, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Texola Inc became more than just bricks and mortar. It became a family, a team of passionate teammates drawn to Jeff's steady hand and Dustin's infectious enthusiasm. They tackled complex projects, transforming them into stunning masterpieces. They earned the trust of clients, becoming more than just contractors, but partners in their vision.

But Texola's story isn't just about success. It's about overcoming challenges, weathering storms, and emerging stronger. When economic downturns threatened, their unwavering commitment to quality and faith kept them afloat. When natural disasters struck, they were there, rebuilding communities, brick by brick.

Today, Texola stands tall, a testament to the power of an unlikely friendship, shared values, and unwavering determination. It's a story that echoes in every perfectly laid shingle, every gleaming window, every satisfied smile. It's a story that whispers, "This is Texola. And this is just the beginning."

So, here's to Jeff and Dustin, the unlikely duo who dared to dream big and build something extraordinary. Here's to Texola, a beacon of quality, integrity, and unwavering commitment. And here's to the future, where the sky's the limit and the walls they build will echo their story for generations to come.

Customer Reviews

Founded in 2017, Texola Inc has become the leading insurance restoration company serving residential and commercial customers throughout the region. See what our customers have to say about us.
"We just used them to roof our house. It was done in 1 day. That included setup that prevented nails and debris in our yard and flower beds and complete cleanup. Very professional and efficient. Would definitely use them again."

Cleta B.

Tampa, FL

"The best experience with a contractor that a homeowner could ask for. They replaced my roof in a single day with quality and professional installation. I will be using this company for any work on my home."

Brian C.

Tampa, FL

"I'm very appreciative of this team, I couldn't have asked for better people! Got right to work, and made the house beautiful, thank you for your patience with us and mother nature! We couldn't have done it ourselves."

Mindy C.

Tampa, FL

Oklahoma City, OK

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